We offer our premium coffees as ground and whole bean, roasted or green, from select farms for a lower price when compared with other premium gourmet coffee offerings. We offer these rare coffees at a great discount. After we import we roast the beans ready for you to enjoy. Although we could charge a lot more for our coffee, we choose to take another approach. We sell on volume. By selling more coffee for less profit, rather than less coffee at higher profit, we actually come out even either way. With this in mind, we choose to offer our coffee for less, which means we move more inventory so the coffee is always fresh and newly picked from the farms, plus you benefit because you save money on premium gourmet specialty coffees.

We source the beans from many tiny family farms. Some at high elevation with shade grown coffee fields that flourish on the edge of the mountains and some at medium elevation with full sun. The workers hand pick every coffee cherry, and hand wash them too. Matter of fact, they do it all by hand right down to the drying of the beans in natural sunlight with beans spread over wooden planks. The same way it was done hundreds of years ago, an old world method. No automated picking machines or careless processing. Hand selected beans, among the best anywhere in the world. We are sure you can not get coffee of this quality for the price we offer it anywhere else. We focus on environmentally friendly processing that is good for the surrounding habitat.

The most common coffee makers are 10 cup, 12 cup. Some smaller machines that are popular today are 5 cup or less, but the best selling auto-drip coffee makers are still 10 and 12 cup. There is a slight variation from one manufacturer to another, where a 12 cup pot by one company may be 60 ounces, and a 12 cup coffee by another may be 72 ounces. Most traditional coffee cups are 6 ounce, so that's why they make them in those sizes. Most coffee companies will recommend 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water where you adjust to taste. With this in mind there's an easier way. If you have a 12 cup coffee maker and you are making Mount Brew Coffee we recommend starting with about 1.5 tablespoons per cup. If you like your coffee with stronger flavor use 2 tablespoons - (adjust to taste as always). For a refillable K-Cup it is easiest to just fill it up and use less if it is a bit too strong.We offer coffee samples, and those are for a single pot of coffee at 10 to 12 cups. Because our coffee is very fresh and offers bold flavor you probably do not need 2 tablespoons for 6 ounces of water. When coffee is old you do since it loses flavor, so you need a little more. Grocery store bought coffee is often 3 weeks to 2 months old before you get it. Ours is from the same week you order, quite possibly the most fresh coffee you have ever had.

Yes, we will have your coffee soon and you can still order now if you wish to be among the first in line for future shipments. Our coffee is sold out a lot because it is premium coffee at a wholesale price. When it comes in we start roasting and shipping, but it sells out fast. From time to time we sell every type of coffee we offer before the next shipment arrives, so supply is low and demand is high. They tell us that is a good problem to have, but it is also an inconvenience for you. We are working on getting more coffee with each shipment but we can only bring in what the farm can produce. If you order now you are guaranteed to beat the rush when it comes back in stock since your coffee will be the first to ship once the new shipment arrives and we start roasting.

Yes we do. Just search for decaffeinated in our search box.

That depends on what type of coffee you have. All coffee should be stored long term between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, at about 30 to 50 percent humidity. Keep them in a dry place away from water and sunlight. Roasted coffee beans should be kept in an air tight container, as well as ground coffee. You can store roasted coffees without much flavor loss for about a year unopened, or 2 years in the freezer. Coffee is still good past these dates if kept properly, but flavor fades away quickly over time. Once you open roasted beans or ground coffee you should plan to use it up within a week for the best flavor. That is why it is always best to buy small amounts instead of 5 or 10 pound packages.

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